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Rabbit Holes no 20: Stories from the edges of regenerative agriculture

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

This week's links are extra special as Roots Down was honored to be featured in an article about our Fruitful Communities Library PULs on Atlanta's 11 Alive News! A sincere thank you to everyone for your continued support and especially to all of those who have made these PULs possible with all of your hard work!

Why an 'edible library' is growing in Clarkston

“Libraries are the perfect place for PULs, because they offer free learning opportunities for everyone in the community,” said Jamie Rosenthal, CEO of Roots Down.

An Unmowed Lawn Leads to Social Chaos

I’ve long maintained that the American lawn is one of the greatest mass brainwashings of all time. How we all voluntarily signed up to spend untold hours growing and cutting a nonnative monoculture of green which we lace with poisons to kill plants and insects never ceases to amaze.

Hurricane season spurs hog waste worries in North Carolina

As experts predict an active storm season, critics say the hog industry has done little to change after recent hurricanes overwhelmed waste lagoons.

New tech could help bring threatened species back from the brink

Nearly 1 million species face extinction — and humanity is largely to blame. However, a new tool provides a clear picture of where species are at the greatest risk of extinction — and helps guide conservation actions to protect them.

Benefits of green building

Buildings account for almost 40 percent of global energy-related CO2 and will play a major role in a sustainable transformation. The tangible benefits may not be easily recognizable to tenants or visitors, but through sustainable design, construction and operations green buildings are reducing carbon emissions, energy and waste; conserving water; prioritizing safer materials; and lowering our exposure to toxins.



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