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Rabbit Holes no 19: Stories from the edges of regenerative agriculture

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Happy Friday, everyone! Here are this week's interesting links!

Lessons from the rush to reforest

In some cases, reforestation could do more harm than good: poorly planned and hastily executed projects may increase greenhouse gas releases and harm people and biodiversity. Protecting existing forests is a primary goal of reforestation campaigns.

Trees talk to each other. 'Mother Tree' ecologist hears lessons for people, too

Trees are "social creatures" that communicate with each other in cooperative ways that hold lessons for humans, too, ecologist Suzanne Simard says.

‘It’s like a place of healing’: the growth of America’s food forests

There are more than 70 ‘food forests’ in the US as part of a growing movement to tackle food insecurity and promote urban agriculture.

Air pollution from farms leads to 17,900 U.S. deaths per year, study finds

A first-of-its-kind study shows that lung-irritating particles from fertilizer, feed lots and manure cause thousands of premature deaths — even more than coal power plants. But using more sustainable farming practices and eating less meat could save lives.

What’s the Point of Wasps, Anyway?

A new study says the reviled stinging insects play a critical ecological role—and their venom might even be useful to people.



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