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Growing a greener world.

Hi, my name's Tres Crow, and I'm a marketing and brand consultant by trade. 

I've been an avid gardener and yard putterer for over 7 years, but in 2020 I got serious.


Roots Down and beyond!

Like many of you, the COVID years were a transformative time. That's when my gardening hobby became more like a gardening obsession. It's when I realized that tending the earth didn't need to be hard or daunting. It should be a ton of fun! After-all, how many times do you get to save the world with a trowel? I discovered a joy in growing things, and I realized wanted to share that joy with others in my community!

That's why I started Green Box Homes, to make land stewardship accessible to
everyday people (especially busy people) and to empower the first generation of regenerative homeowners. 

For the last 3 years, I've worked with Jamie Rosenthal and crew at Roots Down, showing governments and corporations how to change their landscaping. And now it's time for you to get in on the action. 

Everyone has a green thumb. Let me and Green Box Homes show you the way!
Green Box Lower

Dispatches from Old Crow Hill

The way I see the world.

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