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It’s about to smell a lot like onions

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Spring is in the air, and that means most Americans will interact with their lawn for the first time in months. During the winter, the average lawn doesn’t need much attention. Due to the cold weather and shorter days, grass isn’t growing all that much. There are, however, a few things that can grow during the winter, some of which are delicious and nutritious. In this case, I’m talking about chives.

Chives are related to onions and garlic, but we use them more like a culinary herb. Chives are packed with vitamin K and vitamin C, not to mention a whole lot of flavor. Chives make fantastic toppings for soups but they can also be used in place of green onions in certain recipes. Wanna spruce up some chicken salad? Try adding chives.

Unfortunately, most people don’t know what chives are, much less that they are growing in their yard, oftentimes with reckless abandon. I once asked a neighbor if he had started a chive farm over the winter, but he looked at me like I had seven heads. Alas, like most of my neighbors, he busted out the mower in the early spring. Goodbye chive farm. I sat on my porch and wept, but I reassured myself it was just the smell of onions in the air.

If you’ve got a dehydrator, now is a great time to bust it out so you can explore your neighborhood and rescue these poor chives from the lawn mower. Pop the trimmings into the dehydrator and voila, you’ll have a delicious onion flavored seasoning all summer long! This is a free source of deliciousness and nutrients that will otherwise go to waste.

It is our dream that one day the average homeowner will recognize the gifts nature has provided in their own front yard. Until then, it is up to you to save these innocent, defenseless herbs and prevent your local garden nerd from getting the sniffles when the smell of onions hits their nose.



So true! I’m out in my yard with herb scissors, slightly embarrassed that my neighbors may think I’ve taken the long way ‘round to mow. My dandelion greens crop looks promising, too!

Unknown member
Mar 24, 2021
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Love to hear it!!

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