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Farm profile: New Roots Cooperative Farm

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

In celebration of upcoming Juneteenth, we are featuring five black-owned green businesses who are truly an inspiration in all that they do. This week's featured business is New Roots Cooperative Farm, an internationally-integrated farm cooperative based out of Lewiston, MA. As fellow stewards of the land, we thank you for all that you do! Take a look below at what New Roots Coop is all about and how they are doing their part for the community.

New Roots Cooperative Farm

We are Jabril Abdi, Seynab Ali, Mohamed Abukar and Batula Ismail. We came to Lewiston, Maine in the mid-2000s as refugees from Somalia and started farming in Lisbon. Our people are farmers and we have always fed our country. Now we are growing food for our new communities in Southern Maine.

New Roots provides a perfect example of how people from other countries can come to the United States and contribute to American society through the use of their traditional skills and interests, adapted to American conditions and American life. The New Roots farm cooperative has provided a bridge from farmer’s traditional farming activities in Somalia to actively participating in the farming community here. It has provided an opportunity for refugees to settle down, become socially integrated, and make a living. It also gives them an opportunity to share their knowledge and culture with Americans. The organization encourages anyone who is interested to join New Roots and/or learn more about cooperative farming communities.

Learn more about New Roots:


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