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August Member Roll Call Recap

The August Member Roll Call was tremendous as always, with an entertaining and engaging presentation by guest speaker, Ms. Ladybug herself, Andrea Zoppo. We learned some of the brilliant ways she uses experiential learning to show kids the wonder of nature. We also had a couple cool updates from members, and teased some of our upcoming events.

You can watch the meeting below.

Special Guest

Andrea Zoppo (AKA Miss Ladybug) gave a great presentation on ecological storytelling. Below are additional resources and a link to Andrea's presentation:


  1. The Roots Down app is now live and free to download through Google Play and the App Store!

  2. Our next Member Roll Call will be September 13, and our guest speaker will be Vicki Mann of QuietGA, with a special guest appearance by Leslie Inman of the Pollinator Friendly Yards. The topic will be "Your Yard is Nature's Best Hope." RSVP for the roll call here.


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